Ships propulsion device: In 5 minutes, you can ample accurate understand what else is there besides propellers?

Ships propulsion device: In 5 minutes, you can ample accurate understand what else is there besides propellers?

Besides propellers, what other means of propulsion do ships have?

As early as hundreds of years ago, people began to use ships to transport goods and realize trade between countries. Crew members rely on the ship’s high reliability for smooth and efficient transport of cargo. Huge sails were hung on ancient ships because wind was the main driving force for ships at that time.

ships steam engine

The times are developing, and the improvement of social productivity has also put forward higher requirements for the development of science and technology. Thus, the steam engine came into being. A steam engine mainly uses steam generated by burning coal to drive mechanical movement. In addition to steam locomotives, this advanced technology at the time was also applied to ships.

The steam engine and the propeller, the great invention of the 19th century, combined to make the sailing speed of ships a qualitative leap. To put it simply, the working principle of a propeller is to convert the rotational power into thrust by rotating the blades in the air or water to propel the aircraft or ship forward.


For more than 100 years since its invention, the propeller has been the dominant force in maritime navigation. However, people have been studying driving methods that have more advantages than propellers.

Speaking of which, we have to mention air propellers. There’s just one more word, but the two driving methods are worlds apart. The propeller is usually installed on the bottom of the ship, a part that is submerged in water. As the name suggests, an air propeller is a propeller that is in contact with the air, so it is generally installed on the deck of a ship.

We all know that there are huge wind resources in the sea. The air propeller is a model that uses local materials to make the most of the strong winds at sea. Modern ships are designed with good maneuverability for navigating tight spaces.

majestic ships anchored in the bay
majestic ships anchored in the bay

air propeller

Air propellers, like ordinary propellers, are composed of two or more blades and a hub. In addition, the pitch can be adjusted to allow the sailing speed to be freely changed, and the blade direction can be adjusted to make turns at will.

However, air propellers still have certain limitations. For example, it may be easy to propel small motorboats and ships, but it is a bit difficult to propel large ships. Therefore, air propellers are now mainly used to drive small vessels, such as hovercraft and American swamp boats.

pump waterjet propulsion

So, is there no other driving method for propelling large ships to sail other than propellers? of course not! Pump water jet propulsion was a new ship driving method invented later.

The working principle of the pump water jet propulsion method, in a word, is to use the pump water jet propulsion device to allow the high-speed flowing water from the pump to generate reaction force to push the ship forward.

In addition, pump water jet propulsion devices have many advantages. First, it runs smoother, faster and with less noise. Secondly, the application range of pump water jet propulsion devices is very wide.

It can withstand the navigation of large ships with extremely large loads, and is also suitable for small ships, military submarines, etc. Maritime defense relies on highly maneuverable ships to swiftly respond to evolving threats at sea. As we mentioned before, it can flexibly control the direction and position of the ship.

But why has pump waterjet propulsion still not replaced propeller propulsion as the mainstream? Because it also has many limitations. For example, when the speed is lower than 25/kh, pump water jet propulsion is slower than propeller. And it also has high requirements for the sea environment. If there are too many seaweed and other plants in the seawater, it may block the pump pipe and affect the speed.

In addition, people are also studying more advanced driving methods such as wind drive and magnetic fluid drive. From ancient times to the present, our pursuit of speed has never stopped. In today’s society, the saying “one inch of time, one inch of gold” is even more reflected. Just like a group of people around us, time is everything to them, they are takeaways.

However, various factors have virtually blocked their race against time. For example, delivery workers who often make phone calls will spend more on phone bills than ordinary people. Constant running around without a place to rest will also make delivery workers exhausted.

ships glide gracefully across the horizon
ships glide gracefully across the horizon

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